Welcome to the Portland Machinist Guild. We’ve been meeting for about thirteen years now and some of us think it’s high time we had a web site, though not all agree. In any case, please remember that we’re machinists, not programmers or poets so the site could be a bit rough. The idea at moment is simply a place to let you know who we are and what we’re up to.  And, since a good number of us don’t have computers, it isn’t likely to get more sophisticated than that.

The Portland Machinist Guild is a group of folks interested in metalworking who get together once a month with like-minded members from the mid-Michigan area. We have been featured in The Home Shop Machinist (July/Aug 2003) and at the Michigan Historical Museum (May 13 – June 25, 2006. From the Mind of the Machinist: Gadgets from the Portland Machinist Guild).

You’re welcome to stop by our next meeting. Bring along a project if you can, we’d love to see what you’ve been working on.

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